True story Yesterday my phone rang

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True story Yesterday my phone rang

Postby Black Oaks » Wed Sep 27, 2017 1:02 pm

This is in fact a true story, and somewhat to point.

Yesterday afternoon my cell phone rang. Caller unknown, but the number was from Washington D C. The caller says: Mr Parker?? Yes sez I. Mr Parker, your phone number was drawn at random. You have been selected to receive a check for $9,0000 under a special Federal Program. This award is of no cost to you and you are under no obligation for any.....and that is where I disconnected the call.

And the thought occurred to me that if I were an assistant in a top basketball program, and if I were sitting in my office one day, and my cell phone rang, and someone offered me $9000 dollars no strings attached, why oh why would I not hang up immediately and put that number on my no call list?

A question a number of people are probably asking themselves at this very moment.

Bearing Down on what if my phone call was legit? Ahh we will never know ;)
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Re: True story Yesterday my phone rang

Postby Redondo Beach Cat » Wed Sep 27, 2017 2:38 pm

Have times changed. I have really gotten jaded.
When I was growing up - my father made me and my other brothers ANSWER the phone, "_____residence, ____speaking."

Wow...forget for a moment that I now have set up on my landline - ONLY the calls that I want to receive. Which has made a world of difference. I think the braking point was when I got - literally - 7 calls in 45 minutes. Marketing calls - didn't phase them - when I would ask them to take me off their lists. No more strangers can call.

However, It got to the point that I NEVER identified myself if a stranger called ME. If they would say my name - I simply would reply, "who's calling?"

It gets exhausting not trusting the world!
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