I Think Some "In Your Face" Is In Order

Discussion on Sean Miller and the Arizona Basketball team

I Think Some "In Your Face" Is In Order

Postby b_dog » Tue Oct 10, 2017 10:37 am

Anybody who wants to can hang their head, wring their hands, walk around with a black cloud over their heads, and check for the latest updates every hour on the hour. Maybe for years. Personally (and I'm sure this will be shocking to anyone who knows me), I'm taking a "screw you" attitude about the whole thing. This holier-than-thou freak out over "our image" is a waste of time. 99% of people who care for and respect the UofA are alums or fans who live in Tucson or Phoenix. Virtually nobody else gives a crap, no matter what we do. Develop and lead a mission to Mars; shrug. Burgeoning hospital/medical school programs; yawn. BIO5/genomics work; huh. It's: "You're not me, so why should I give you any credit?" In athletics, if we win big and we're squeaky clean, people don't like us because our coach is "too intense" on the sideline, and they assume non-existent cheating. If there's the statistically inevitable off-field problem from a pool of hundreds of athletes, that's the focus, because soap opera stuff is more entertaining to some people than the actual intercollegiate contests. So, the core of loyal supporters will be supportive, and everybody else likes seeing achievers knocked off their horses. That's the reason the National Enquirer exists; it makes people feel better about their mundane existence. So, whatever happens happens. If somebody wants to stress about it on a daily basis or come up with some bogus attempt at claiming to speak for/psychoanalyze an entire community, that's garbage, but they can feel free. As far as I'm concerned, I'm all for the players having a chip on their shoulder, using it for motivation, and kicking butt. Accomplish what you can get...all the way to San Antonio. Later, whoever wants to grandstand and issue public floggings will do whatever they do. It's evidently our turn on the whipping post. Put the record in asterisks, italics, Sanskrit, or anything they want. Suspensions, probations, restrictions...swell. This too shall pass. It may have an impact for a couple of years, but it won't keep us down for very long. I'm kind of toying with the idea of a "Proud To Be University 4" t-shirt for The Underestimated City to sell. If you can't change it, you might as well own it.
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Re: I Think Some "In Your Face" Is In Order

Postby Black Oaks » Tue Oct 10, 2017 12:46 pm

Yes on the above and I might add one more observation about all this swirl.

Over the years I have observed many different coaches take teams conference and national championships. Some coaches will not sell their coaching souls and bargain for players. Think of Wooden, Montgomery, Lute. Some coaches sell their coaching souls for wins. Think Pitino, Arslanian, Noland Richardson, all looking to push the edge of the rules book. My simple observations from watching Sean Miller coach is he is closer to those who show a strong integrity in their jobs and not like those that show very little. He may be intense, he may jump all over people to get them to play, but he works hard to take the high road.

I am with you, let's just throw the ball up and play the games.

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Re: I Think Some "In Your Face" Is In Order

Postby Vegascat » Wed Oct 11, 2017 8:06 pm

On TOS someone summed it up perfectly: What happens in the future is gonna happen in the future. Any wins later saddled with an "*" in retroactive 20/20 hindsight still feel like/are wins. Our attitude should be "Win and Vacate!"
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