Red & Blue Madness

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Red & Blue Madness

Postby b_dog » Sat Oct 14, 2017 2:14 pm

So I saw in the Republic the write-up on ASu's "Mill Avenue Madness" last night. Naturally, it was declared a rousing success. It struck me that it's about like if somebody put up a basketball court just off Main Gate Square for Bear Down Friday the night before a big football game to get some attention. If they won't come to you, then you go to But I don't see what aspect of something like that qualifies it a big success. There would be some people in the general vicinity if you did it at any street fair or county fair, and they probably wouldn't boo. They mentioned Kentucky's tip-off madness event, in the context of it being over the top. But nary a mention of Arizona's 14,400 sellout for the McDonald's Red & Blue Game next Friday at $10 a pop. I guess that's over the top, too.
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