On Fake Smiles & All-Time Records

Discussion on Mike Candrea and the Arizona Softball team
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On Fake Smiles & All-Time Records

Postby b_dog » Mon Mar 21, 2016 5:55 pm

One of the things that bugs me about some women's sports is when you get the phony painted-on Miss America smile at inappropriate times. I'm not talking celebrating good plays; I'm talking about when things are going downhill. I get that there's pressure, and nobody wants to see tears or tantrums. But, believe me, female athletes are at least as competitive as male athletes. So this coached-up thing of putting on an allegedly brave smile in the face of adversity comes off as odd, awkward and fake. Even if it was at an appropriate time, when it's not genuine, it just looks weird. I'm not singling anybody out on our team or anybody else's, as it's all over the place, and in multiple sports. But my advice to all would be to just be yourself and compete. You can't completely lose control of your emotions so that you can't function, but looking a little angry or frustrated is part of the game. And, while definitely un-lady-like, an occasional "Up yours, Brenda!" might even add some interest. (Just kidding about that last comment.)

Meanwhile, for the record, our all-time softball record with ASu is now 92-51-1.

That is all.
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