Defensive scheme non tackling lost this game

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by Redondo Beach Cat » Sun Oct 12, 2014 2:28 pm

Forget about the miss field goals...touchdowns win games...not field goals.

To be inside the 10 yard line five times in the first half...and only have 6 points at half time. Don't blame some 20 year old kid for losing the game! :evil: I would have rather had Rich Rod gone for it early on in the first half...rather than settling for field goals. For him...I thought he played a little too conservative. You have four downs...this is a monumental - almost historic game... use those four downs. Don't blame the 20 year old kicker for losing the game. He is not the one making $2.5 million a year. He shouldn't have been put into such a position so many times during this game - the first half and towards the end of the game. The offense needs to put touchdowns on the board. This game lies on the coaches. They had two full days more than SC to prepare for this game.

Defenses win this case: our NON defense ...non tackling lost this game! :evil:

It never ceases to amaze me...whether in business ...or, politics...or sports. How much is Casteel (sp?) the defense coach making? $500,00? More? Was it his fear...stubbornness...ignorance...pride...?!? From start to finish...SC just ran and threw over the UofA...start to finish - at will! the Quarterback for SC...THE ENTIRE GAME was never even close to being touched!! He had so much time to throw - every down - he could have read War and Peace by the end of the game! I thought - surely, after the first half ...the UofA defense coach would have made some adjustments! Ok, if you are going to give the QB all the time in the world - since you are constantly...I mean constantly only rushing three guys...then, surely, the coverage is going to be great. right? WRONG. Every time the SC QB had 17 minutes to throw...he would always find a man WIDE open - in the Arizona's great ZONE defense - with no one around by 10 yards! how about once...not even once ..oh, come on coach...just ONCE ...blitz to keep the QB honest!?! Especially since there was NO coverage!

The tackling...I realize it must be a generational the young kids staring into electronic devices 24/7...however, in my day...tackling meant...wrapping around the guys legs and TACKLING him! :evil: The bump went out with disco in the 1970's! AMAZING...time and again...the SC ball carriers would be dragging our defense 5 to 10 yards...NO TACKLING!! I had to be a record: One SC ball was fucking right on TV - carried FOUR to FIVE ARIZONA PLAYERS for 20 YARDS!!!!!!!!!!! Finally, some how...he came down.

If this program is ever to reach the level of SC's don't lose this game. This game was important in many ways.

Fine...if the UofA wants to be a basketball school...I can't control it. Unfortunately, I was a raised by a father that thought basketball was played by freaks. So, I just can't help how I feel. has gotten just too ghetto for me. Sorry, that's just how I feel. Put a few more Steve Kerrs on the court...and I might feel differently.

Football is KING. There Is no reason the UofA can't be a football school. Norman, Oklahoma. Give me a fucking break! :evil: Norman, Oklahoma ...might as well be called Dumb Fuck Egypt! For that matter...have you ever been to South Bend, Indiana? I you know how difficult it is to get to South Bend? Tucson is a GREAT college town...beautiful Better than fucking Tempe...I'm just waiting for the report that an airline while landing at Sky Harbor ...drops a load from one of their toilets on that campus!


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