Top Recruits By Pedigree

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Top Recruits By Pedigree

Postby b_dog » Thu Feb 04, 2016 7:59 am

Considering the firing of the entire defensive staff and not having a DL coach yet, and all the earlier concern about decommits and our overall numbers, I'm satisfied with this recruiting class. It's full, it's reasonably balanced by position, and you've got a handful of 4-stars, as determined by one group or another. The one thing I might have possibly done differently would be to maybe not offer as may 2-star safeties. But, I think they're looking for numbers there, and I think they're also looking for diamonds in the rough.

Here are some of the offers the various recruits had:

OT Michael Eletise: Ala/Aub/LSU/FSU/Mich/Mich St/Neb/Okla/USC/UCLA/Tex/TCU/Wisc/Wash, plus ASu and many more
OT Keenan Walker: USC/UCLA/Ohio St/Tex/A&M/Mich/Neb/Wash, plus ASu & others
S Chacho Ulloa: Notre Dame/Stanf/Wisc/Mich St/Neb, plus ASu & others
QB Khalil Tate: USC/UCLA/FSU/Neb/A&M, etc.
LB Michael Barton: UCLA/LSU/Wash, plus ASu & others
DE Josh Allen: Ala/LSU/Miami, plus ASu & others
CB Lorenzo Burns: Neb/Wisc/Wash, etc.
LB Kahi Neves: USC/UCLA, etc.
WR Devaughn Cooper: Mich/Wash, plus ASu & others
S Isaiah Hayes: Okla/Wisc, etc.
CB Antonio Parks: Clems/Purd, plus ASu & others
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