Getting Recruits On Campus

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Getting Recruits On Campus

Postby b_dog » Sat Feb 06, 2016 10:42 am

Some local sports-talk dialogue recently, and a Star story this morning about getting recruits to make a visit. RichRod says when he gets a player to visit, he gets a commitment well over 60 percent of the time. The story had interviews with some of this year's recruits about all of the things they liked about their visit. (Despite the Republic re-printing Star stories for most of their UofA coverage, I suspect they won't re-print this one. It's a bit of a love-fest, and their editors generally work to find negative angles, headlines, and photos if they possibly can.)

The other side of the good batting average in getting recruits to commit if they visit is that we seem to be having difficulty getting top kids from the Phoenix area to even make a visit. I'm not sure what to make of this. Maybe there's peer pressure and a renewed emphasis that if you're going to stay in Arizona, you should help out ASu, or people will act like jerks to you. I get the impression that with RichRod, the 2014 Fiesta Bowl, and Sean Miller's Elite Eight appearances, it may be that there's some increased defensiveness and nastiness from ASu fans. It's always been a situation where the LA schools, Nebraska, Notre Dame, Michigan, etc., descend on Phoenix trying to snatch up the top recruits. And more often than not, they go to the powerhouse schools, which shouldn't be that surprising. I think some of the success a Larry Smith had in that area was with somewhat lesser players, maybe even some players of a level we're now trying to get as preferred walk-ons.

Here's a look at our prominent scholarship players from the Phoenix area (not including former walk-ons who were later awarded a scholarship.) Davonte Neal get swept up by Notre Dame, but we eventually got him on the rebound. Keenan Walker was a big get. Without getting into the "Two-Star Scooby" discussion, the remaining players were 3-stars or less. Solid citizens, and good contributors, but not quite what you'd call elite talent. Nate Phillips, DeAndre Miller, Layth Friekh, Trevor Wood, and Zach Hemilla. Cody Ippolito may wind up being a key contributor, but at the time of his recruitment, he was considered maybe a bit of a throw-in as part of the Scottsdale Chaparral connection. Now you've got Finton Connolly and Shawn Poindexter in this year's class. Connolly's a three-star. Poindexter, despite Harold Carmichael size and intriguing matchup problems, was rated a two-star player. I have high hopes for him, and ratings are flawed. But the discussion is about how we're doing mining the Phoenix area for highly-ranked talent.

I may have missed one or two players, but that's basically it, and the trend seems to be in the direction of a decrease. Including walk-ons, former walk-ons, and players from Tucson, we've got a number of Arizona players on our roster. But, I would think we'd at least have a few more of the solid 3-star players from the Phoenix area, as opposed to pulling them in from more distant locales.
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Re: Getting Recruits On Campus

Postby Vandal » Sun Feb 07, 2016 9:03 am

At the OKG night this past week, RR discussed the same thing. He appeared to be somewhat exasperated at the lack of ability to pull in kids from Phoenix. I hate to repeat this, but if Hansen is to be believed, he says former Sun Devil, Vince Amey, of their '96 Rose Bowl team will be our new DL coach. Guess he doesn't have much coaching experience, but could this be partially an attempt to better recruit up north?
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