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***A little premium for you***

PostPosted: Thu Mar 03, 2016 7:09 am
by Black Oaks
I was able to get to practice and saw some things of interest. It was a good lively practice, lots of energy, lots of competition.

You will see the team tomorrow if you go to the open practice. For those of you who cannot, I will try to give high points of that event.

I was able to focus more on the defense for this practice. The offense is pretty much running the Arizona Rich Rod offense. The starting 22 are those I would expect. The oline is who I would expect, Christian Boettcher is in Tagaloa's spot. Keenan Walker is running with the 2's. The receivers, running backs move between 1s and 2s. Anu and Dawkins are looking sharp. Tate had a nifty scramble late in the practice. He has to scramble as he does not have a red jersey yet.

The defense is intriguing. I was able to focus on it more yesterday. We start with a 3 men down an one standing on the line. Just as the offense starts to snap the ball, the defense shifts. And that shift can move people all over the place. It will be fun to watch and it can cause some confusion on the part of the offense. I also think it can be a real gamble if you shift the wrong way. It can also produce a flinch on the side of the offensive line. I look forward to a game running this defense. The guys in the box can line up on the left and go right or not go right. As I say, interesting twist to the defense. And the defense is very aggressive. They are encouraged to swarm to the ball.

I encourage anyone who is interested to go to the scrimmage tomorrow and determine for yourself what the defense is doing.

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Re: ***A little premium for you***

PostPosted: Thu Mar 03, 2016 8:17 am
by Vandal
What time is the scrimmage?

Re: ***A little premium for you***

PostPosted: Thu Mar 03, 2016 9:24 am
by Black Oaks
Vandal wrote:What time is the scrimmage?

Gates open at 5, scrimmage starts at 6. Gates 1 and 2 are the entry gates, they are the ones on the NEZ east side. I expect to see a lot of situational plays rather than a full up scrimmage. The offense will get thee ball at some place on the field and run a set of plays, then move and run a different set of plays. The defense will do their different formations to stop the play. It should be fun.

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