After practice time in a capsule

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After practice time in a capsule

Postby Black Oaks » Sat Mar 05, 2016 10:34 am

After the practice there was a reception at Glen Parker's house for ex-football players. Since I qualify Mrs Black Oaks and I were at the party. It was a real good time for me to see the collection of walking talking history of Arizona football. I was able to chat with Dick Tomey, he is still the consummate gentleman and the affection for him with his ex-players was very evident. Dick has recently move back to Tucson for at least part time. He and his wife have purchased a small place ,in his words, and will spend their time between here and Hawaii. Gee Greg, somebody that thinks Tucson is not too bad a place to live!!! Jut think of that!!!. Rich Rod gave a mall speech in which he paid tribute to Dick and also said that he was glad that Dick was back. Rich Rod said it is good to have Dick around for his advice, because if things go bad, he has someone to blame.

It was like a trip through history in the back yard of Glen Parker's house. Dick Tomey, Brandon Sanders, Adrian Koch, Ortege Jenkins, Jim Ventrigula, Lance Briggs, Marquis Flowers, KaDeem Carey, Sendric Steptoe , excatdb, David Adams among others. A real nostalgic time.

I did chat with RR for a short time. He did admit that the practice did not show any of the special twists that the defense runs. As RR said, you know, you have been there at practice. That makes sense as the whole thing was broadcast to the world. RR reiterated his open invitation to past player to attend pratice, just don't tell him what plays to run or formations to call ;).

Bearing Down on a time capsule of Arizona football
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Re: After practice time in a capsule

Postby b_dog » Sat Mar 05, 2016 4:01 pm

Black Oaks wrote:Rich Rod said it is good to have Dick around for his advice, because if things go bad, he has someone to blame.

That's hilarious. Sounds like an awesome time. 'Splains why Tomey was at McKale for the Cal game. He got a nice ovation when they put him up on the CatVision screen.
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Jim Young, Larry Smith, Dick Tomey all returned to Tucson

Postby ValleyCat » Sun Mar 06, 2016 2:34 pm

And Black Oaks, too.
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