A few short practice notes

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A few short practice notes

Postby Black Oaks » Thu Mar 10, 2016 3:45 pm

Here are a few notes from practice. Ric Rod was much more animated at this practice as opposed to the open practice. Very vocal to any and all that were on the field.

1. Anu is still watching practice. SO Dawkins, Tate and Werlinger are taking most of the snaps. Tate is noticeably better but still has a ways to go to in as far as reads and consistency. If he works out, he will be a very good quarterback.

2. Lineups are the same as what we saw in the open practice. The receivers mix it up alot as does the defense. O line stays the same.

3. Cam Denson had a couple of nice catches. I think he is much better as a wide receive, he will be fun to watch. I can't find number 83 on my roster, but both offensive and defensive players wearing 83 are looking worthy.

4. The defensive line and the linebackers are doing lots of drills where they use their hands and arms to get separation from the offensive linemen. I like this as a defensive player wants to shed the offensive block and get to the ball. We were taught to never let offensive players get to our bodies fi possible. It makes it very difficult for the offense to control you if they can't lock up on you. Watch the great rush ends, they just sprint by the offensive players.

Not much else to report.

Bearing Down on 5 more practices left
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