OT: Old Bars & Restaurants In Tucson

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Re: OT: Old Bars & Restaurants In Tucson

Postby arch73 » Fri Jun 27, 2014 12:33 pm

Does anyone remember the Silver Bell Saloon? If I recall correctly it was on 4th Ave. not too far from downtown. Beer and peanuts! Peanut shells on the floor so thick that I would have to empty out my shoes when I got back to the dorm.
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Re: Here are some for me ...

Postby Dances with Cats » Fri Jun 27, 2014 9:24 pm

Don't forget The NightTrain on 4th. I heard you were a legend there with the rocker ladies. And I use the term ladies loosely. :P

Stu Gotz wrote:Greasy Tony's -- Sub shop near PV HS (Jones and Native know this place :). Lived there my junior and senior year.

Gordo's - Mexican buffet on Kolb.

Cowboys - Got shitfaced there more often (and harder) than anyplace during my early alcohol experimentation phase. The barber chair and Wild Turkey don't mix well (so to speak)

Whistle Stop - The first such place (but not the last, unfortunately) where I knew, without a doubt, that a topless dancer liked me for more than my stack of $1 bills. Sadly, I was mistaken. [Blue Note, Cabaret, and one other I can't recall the name were regular places I'd go with buddies to deposit my modest paychecks]

Palomino -- The "fancy" restaurant I went to for my Junior Prom.

Solarium (sp) -- the "fancy" restaurant for the Senior Prom

Jarome's for the Lamb Bandit. Enough said.

Wildcat House - Duh.

A sushi restaurant on the NW corner of Speedway and Wilmot that I can't remember the name of. Loved it.

El Torrito. Champagne brunch with my girlfriend (and subsequent wife) often. Had a friend who was a waiter who kept our glasses topped at all times. Still can't believe I managed to drive home after a couple of those visits.

Kinda related .... did anyone ever go to Sweetwater Fun Tubs on the far west side. It was place with a bunch of hot tubs in a wild desert setting, Would go there (early 80s) with a date for general relaxation and if I was super lucky, fornication. They used LOTS of chlorine.
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A few more tidbits on the aforementioned establishments

Postby XScribe » Mon Jul 07, 2014 11:48 am

Dooley's was built in an old church. Later became the Stray Cat and then was burned down, allegedly by the owner.

Chances on Tanque Verde also burned down.

Bobby Magee's and the Solarium were restaurants with good clubs down the street from Chances. None of those three remain.

Then there was Voila, on the turn where Wilmot becomes Tanque Verde, and where former Anheuser Busch CEO August Busch IV drove away from the bar with a waitress in the passenger seat. The car rolled on River Road between Craycroft and Swan. She ended up dead. Augie walked away. And due to some shady occurrences, the cops could never prove he was driving so he was never charged.

After the Gold Rush was later the Outlaw and the Tucson Garden. It was a disco as After the Gold Rush. As the Outlaw it was a country bar. It became a live rock bar as the Tucson Garden. You could park at the Wildcat House and walk between the two.

There was just a story in the Sunday Star that all the stuff inside the Bum Steer is being sold or auctioned. It couldn't recover from a few parking lot shootings that took place in a short period of time several years ago and led to its closing.

I think the place at Santa Rita near Broadway may have been the Stumble Inn and later The Rock. The Green Dolphin was also in that area on Park just north of Broadway.

El Torito on Wilmot had a great club called Tequila Willies. Great happy hour location.

Cowboys on 22nd and Wilmot was massive. It had been a big grocery store before it was converted to a huge nightclub inspired, I believe, by the movie Urban Cowboy.
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Re: A few more tidbits on the aforementioned establishments

Postby NogalesJerry » Mon Jul 07, 2014 4:34 pm

XScribe wrote:I think the place at Santa Rita near Broadway may have been the Stumble Inn and later The Rock. The Green Dolphin was also in that area on Park just north of Broadway.

The Stumble Inn indeed became The Rock later (much later). In fact, The Rock continues to do business. The address is on Park Avenue, however. The Green Dolphin was on Park Avenue also, just a little south and across the street.

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Re: OT: Old Bars & Restaurants In Tucson

Postby smith89 » Wed Aug 13, 2014 8:54 pm

Does anyone have any recommendations for the best rooftop bar NYC. Any place with great views and good food. I just want to go out after work and unwind a bit.
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Re: OT: Old Bars & Restaurants In Tucson

Postby El Gato » Fri Aug 15, 2014 8:54 am

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