I will be very happy to see the mid-term elections end

Sports is no place for politics, but it comes up so this is where you can say your peace.

by Black Oaks » Thu Oct 16, 2014 4:28 pm

I am sure everyone has their own favorite peeve with the elections. My most annoying are the Barber/ McSally trashathon. Someone is pouring tons and tons of money into the McSally campaign. The money is not from Arizona but from out of state.

Where ever it is coming from, they do not know me or have any interest in representing me or my family. They are trying to buy a seat in the House of representatives. So they flood the tv, social media, youtube, the electronic Daily star with obnoxious pictures of Obama and Pelosi, while some voice in the background tells me that Barber has committed some sort of sin in representing his Arizona district. That a much better representative would be Mc Sally who was a colonel and led a fighter squadron. And I think, I know what colonels do, I worked with them for some 30 years. They do what ever the general or the guy they report to tells them to do, and they tell their underlings how it will be. They do not listen to those under them and if the underlings request something, the underlings are told to go fuck themselves.

All this over the top stuff has really tended to alienate me. I wonder how ignorant do the people who fund these political adds think I am? Do they really think they can by an election i Arizona with bombastic but hollow rhetoric? I guess they do, but in the case of our house, it does nothing but drive us way from their candidate.
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